Generates a plot of available brick colors. Use .names_only = TRUE to get a list of color names.

build_colors(.names_only = FALSE, include_transparent = TRUE)



Return an array of the 41 solid brick color names and 13 transparent colors. Does not plot.


Include transparent colors in the plot output.


A table and ggplot of brick colors & ID numbers.

See also


#Generate plot of colors build_colors()
#> Use View(lego_colors) to see these in a table format.
#> Transparent colors are only used for 3D models, not color matching in mosaics or ggplot.
#Print list of colors build_colors(TRUE)
#> [1] "White" "Brick yellow" "Bright red" #> [4] "Bright blue" "Bright yellow" "Black" #> [7] "Dark green" "Reddish brown" "Medium stone grey" #> [10] "Dark stone grey" "Nougat" "Bright green" #> [13] "Medium blue" "Bright orange" "Br. yellowish green" #> [16] "Earth blue" "Earth green" "Dark red" #> [19] "Bright purple" "Light purple" "Medium azur" #> [22] "Medium lavender" "Dark orange" "Bright bluish green" #> [25] "Bright reddish violet" "Sand blue" "Sand yellow" #> [28] "Sand green" "Flame yellowish orange" "Light royal blue" #> [31] "Cool yellow" "Medium lilac" "Light nougat" #> [34] "Dark brown" "Medium nougat" "Dark azur" #> [37] "Aqua" "Lavender" "Spring yellowish green" #> [40] "Olive green" "Vibrant coral" "Transparent" #> [43] "Tr. red" "Tr. light blue" "Tr. blue" #> [46] "Tr. yellow" "Tr. green" "Tr. fl green" #> [49] "Tr. brown" "Tr. bright orange" "Tr. fl red orange" #> [52] "Tr. medium violet" "Tr. bright violet" "Tr. bright green"