Build a brickr 3D object from rayshader hillshade & heightmap matrices

bricks_from_rayshader(hillshade, heightmap, max_height = 12,
  img_size = 48)



Same as rayshader::plot_3d(). Hillshade/image to be added to 3D surface map.


Same as rayshader::plot_3d(). A two-dimensional matrix, where each entry in the matrix is the elevation at that point. All points are assumed to be evenly spaced.


Maximum height of plot in LEGO bricks or plates.


Size of output image in pixel, where one pixel = one 'brick'. Use a single value (e.g. 48) for a square image with 48 pixels on each side. Use an array of two values for a rectangular image c(width, height).


A list with elements threed_elevation and threed_hillshade to created 3D mosiacs with the rayshader package.

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